About Awning Assist's Retractable Awning Supports & Accessories


From the President and Inventor:

When I first started out in the “Awning Business” there wasn’t any kind of support for the retractable awning when fully extended. As suggested by the manufacturers of the day I advised my clients to retract an awning if wind conditions caused it to bounce when fully extended. They also had the option of purchasing an electric motor, and wind sensor as well.

For most sales this was okay until one client called me back to his deck to see a problem he was having with my recent installation. I arrived and inspected the 18’ X 12’ motorized awning. It worked beautifully! There was a slight wind and bounce so I rolled it back about 3 feet and it stabilized. I turned to my elderly client and said it works fine. “No, it is not fully extended! I still work all week. On Saturday I want to relax under my awning and read my newspaper. I can’t because it is always partially rolled in. “ Thumping me on the chest with his finger he said “John, I am 83 years old , how many Saturdays do you think I have left? Fix my problem!” It was at that moment, I left the “Awning Business” and, went into the “Shade Business!”

We tried bungee cords and leather belts. He was very patient. Realizing that I couldn’t alter the manufacturer’s design, with “fixed/ridged” alterations, I decide to remove the vertical lift but still let the awning move as it was designed to do. In short create an assist/helper for the awning in light wind conditions. By using some humped brackets and a pole I managed my first prototype. My client was very happy. I wasn’t because it didn’t look “Professional” enough!

It took many trials, modifications and retooling several times to arrive at the “Universal” design that is our retractable awning supports & accessories. It is safe, reliable and will enable you to be in the shade 40% more often on most awnings. Yes, I did return and replace the rough model with the new improved version. He became my “biggest fan!”

Two cautions:
1) It is not designed to weather storms or excessive winds. Roll the awning in during severe weather.
2) It is not designed to work with wind & motion sensors. Please disconnect them. Decide whether you want to sit in the shade or prefer to roll your awning in during light wind conditions!


Rewards in using our product include:

1)- the ability to enjoy the “SHADE” for which you purchased the awning in the first place.
2)- the ability to effectively add front and side panels!
3)- security in knowing that your awning isn’t bouncing around while you are having your dinner, or having a party with guests unable to fully utilize your deck! Whether, walking the dog, going for the mail, chatting with the neighbours, etc. your unique Awning Assist Brace will let you relax!
4)- it looks good! It is reliable! No locks or cams to seize up! No moving parts.
5)-95% aluminum with both SS screws and all steel parts stripped and coated with a zinc/nickel and clear coatings. Electrostatic painting on all brackets and the pole itself. One cut to size..simple!
6)- 100% recyclable... even after 30+ years, ( the expected life span of this product!)

If you are ready for a new level of support for your retractable awning, click here to inquire today!